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Top 5 things you didn’t know about reporting

Top 5 things you didn’t know about reporting

by: admin - 7 May 2018

Facebook is a massive world of information, from breaking news, upcoming events and updates from family and friends. In the past few years, it has also become a powerful platform for debate and conversations that reflects the diversity of a community of more than two billion people.

In between all of the debate, people post content that is upsetting and insensitive – and every week, Facebook gets over a million reports of offensive posts.  

As a result, they have created great tools to manage reporting on the platform. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about reporting on Facebook:

      1.Multicultural and multilingual team

There are over 10 000 people who speak over 50 different languages who are trained to handle complaints. They sift through over a million comments every week dealing with complaints ranging from hate speech, harassment and bullying.

      2. All reports are anonymous

Your name and other personal information is kept completely confidential if you report anyone.

      3.Automated moderation  

Facebook has automated parts of the community management tools and are able to pick up and remove on racy images such as nudes in a matter of minutes.

     4.You can block someone – without them knowing

Facebook has made it easier for you to get rid of anyone posting any offensive comments on your timeline. If you don’t want someone to see your profile, add you as a friend or send you a message, you can block them. You can learn how here.

     5.Facebook has created a Bullying Prevention Hub

Facebook has created a help centre with resources and tips that help teens, parents and educators deal with bullying behaviour and its consequences. You can learn more here