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Tips to save your coins

Tips to save your coins

by: admin - 22 August 2017

From the costs of food to a night out on the town, the cost of living is so high that it becomes incredibly hard to save money.

Despite the challenges, saving your coins, whether it’s for a sho’t left or for a rainy day is possible.

Luckily, with the advancement of technology, saving money is becoming easier and easier. We look at different apps you can use to save more money

The app took the saying, “Take care of your cents, and the rands will take care of themselves” a step further by creating an app that takes care of all your spare change and saves it in a tax-free savings account.

The app rounds every transaction on your bank or credit card. So if you pay for something costing R45, this would be rounded up to R50. The R5 in change is stashed. All the spare change is saved without interfering with your day-to-day life.

Pro: You won’t feel the pinch of the day to day saving
Con: The app is only available for android phones at the moment

Keep a close eye on your spending with this app. 22seven tracks your spending behaviour to give you a hawk’s eye view of where your money goes. You can also save through the app too. Saving your money into the tax-free account is effortless and takes just a few minutes.

Pro: With the spending tracker, you have a better understanding of your bad and good spending habits
Con: It may require a little work to get the app to accurately reflect your spending. You sometimes need to train the app to identify some of your spending/debit orders.

Mna Nam
Start saving, and look fashionable while doing it with Mna Nam. Sanlam has partnered with fashion designer, Laduma Ngxokolo, to become one of the first brands in the country to produce a wearable tech bangle that helps people save.

To get started, you will need the bangle and an active WeChat Wallet account. Every time you want to save, you just have to scan the QR code that is printed on the bangle.

Pro: While the set-up for this product takes a while, the saving part is easy

Con: You need to be wearing this app at all times if you want to save, I don’t think they have considered the fact that the bangle may not fit with certain outfits and looks.