The Fight to end Genital Mutilation

by: Mamaputle Boikanyo - 23 July 2018

The Girl Generation (TGG), the largest ever African-led initiative are working towards ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).The organisation has mobilised influencers and many young activists in order to launch their campaign to bring awareness to the cause, bring social change and challenge the deep-rooted beliefs that allow the practice of FGM to continue

FGM refers to the  extreme manifestation of gender inequality. It is a human rights violation that can result in a lifetime of physical, psychological and emotional suffering. In the video below, several young women share their experiences with FGM.

I am a survivor of female genital mutilation and am a living testimony of the harm it causes,” says Oumie Sissokho, an End-FGM youth activist from Gambia. “However, I am using my story in a positive a way. I have made a pledge to my daughter that I will protect her with my heart and my soul and I will extend the same protection to all the girls in my family and community. That’s why I am working endlessly, tirelessly, to ensure that the right people are speaking out against FGM, changing mindsets and attitudes so that we will be able to end it in a generation.”


It’s the culture of of silence around FGM that allows it to prevail.

TGG is highly aware of the damages that silence around the issue can cause.  In an effort to break this silence, the organisation is making use of social media. They know how social media can inspire activism and change when used correctly. Through the hashtag #EndFGM, young people around affected African regions have been making pledges to discontinue the practice that continues to harm young girls and women.

“I am proud to play my part in the global movement to end FGM”, states Senegalese journalist and activist Moussa Drame. “By speaking out, we have a huge opportunity to break the taboos that surround FGM and help others better understand the issue,” she adds.

To take part in the conversation you can use the hashtag #ihavespoken