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Marikana story set to air SABC

Marikana story set to air SABC

by: admin - 23 July 2018


After a four-year battle to get  the documentary“Miners Shot Down” flighted on SABC,  have finally won the fight. The SABC have finally agreed to flight the film which documents the final days of the AMCU strike which led to the death of 44 unarmed miners, shot and killed by police.

In the documentary which was released in 2014, Rehad Desai tries to piece together the details of the massacre including prevalent questions like; ‘Why they thought live ammunition was the way to go instead of using rubber bullets’, ‘Why the police say some documents do not exist whereas they do. They said the documents did not exist because they were tampered with.’

Desai had tried to have the SABC and Etv channels to air the “Miners Shot Down” because screening it there would reach a larger group of South Africans as they do not have Dstv. Al Jezeera and eNCA have aired it. The free-air partner to eNCA, etv said that they were willing to air the film if Desai dropped off a free copy to their offices – showing no willingness to pay for the documentary.  

“This victory will play a key role in conscientising our communities as we build a final push to ensure compensation for Marikana, said Amandla.Mobi’s founder and executive-director Koketso Moeti.

The organisation believe it is important for the rest of the country to know about what happened because a large number of South Africans watch the SABC channel and are clueless about what was happening as it was only aired on Dstv channels.

“With every TV in Mzansi able to show what happened at Marikana, it gives us a chance to use the screening of Miners Shot Dead to build more public support for our demands for accountability for mining companies who exploit our people and resources,” said Koketso Moeti. “Miners Shot Down” documentary will be aired on the SABC is the 13th August 2018 at 9pm sharp.