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How Zukhanye and Karabo make it work

How Zukhanye and Karabo make it work

by: Tshituku Ndadza - 15 August 2018

The couple talks about love in the time of social media.

A lot of young people long for the “perfect” partner and a happily ever after.Unfortunately relationships are not as simple as ABC.

We spoke to Karabo Motsoane (24) and Zukhanye Ncapayi (23) about love in the time of social media. The duo which has been together for over three years has often been described as #CoupleGoals on instagram by their combined following of over 50 000.

We got to know the beautiful couple outside of the adorable instagram posts and swoon-worthy YouTube videos. Zuki is a quantity surveying graduate while Karabo is studying towards a degree in Communications at University of Johannesburg.

The couple met through a friend about three years ago and have been inseparable ever since.

“I was the one who first noticed her and I was mesmerised by her beauty, I had to make her notice me,”says Karabo. Despite their growing status as a celeb couple, the two emphasise the fact that they don’t try to imitate couples they see on tv or on social media.They believe in staying true to themselves by living their lives the best way possible.

In March this year, the couple created a YouTube channel which now has over 10 000 subscribers.They post videos every week.Their videos are about what they get up to in their lives and how they make it work as a couple.One of their most popular videos which got over 16 000 views is a video where Karabo loses a challenge to Zuki and is forced to wear make-up to the mall.
“Like every relationship, we have come across challenges and we argue but we try our best to make sure we don’t allow pride to come between us. We talk things through because we genuinely want to make it work. We have a rule that we can’t go to bed mad at each other so that allows us to talk about our problems and resolve them.That’s what works for us,” says Karabo.

One of their biggest fights was when Karabo ended sleeping in his car because Zuki had locked him out of the house.

They decided to move in together in 2015 after realising that Zuki used to spend a lot of time at Karabo’s place. According to the couple, it made sense since they were always together, much to the disapproval of their parents. Zuki’s mom was hurt because she strongly believed that marriage should come first before moving in with someone. On the other hand, Karabo’s dad gave him his blessings. This, after telling him not to live with her without the intention to marry her.

The young couple share lessons of this experience, saying that it is important to follow your heart.They point out that if a relationship ever fails one should not have regrets.

You can see how comfortable they are together as they tend to hit each other playfully while answering questions. Zuki explains how surprised she was to find out how playful Karabo is and always tries to scare her. On the other hand, Karabo’s biggest surprise was discovering that Zuki is a very strong woman but is scared of spiders.

Like all couples that have been together for a while, they both tell of how annoying they can be towards each other while laughing about it. Karabo tends to leave clothes lying around the floor while Zuki always thinks she’s always right.

”Don’t allow pride to get in the way of a good thing. Also, don’t rush it, make sure that it’s what you want and you’re not doing it because you’re influenced”.

Being a couple that lives so loudly and shares so much about their relationship, we asked the duo if they ever feel the pressure of being a “perfect” couple.

“Lol there’s no such thing as a perfect couple or relationship. The beauty about social media is that you get to choose what you show people and it may come off as perfect but it’s really not and we don’t try to be. We make videos to entertain our supporters and we like to keep everything positive. We are who we are and we are confident in the foundation we’ve built for what we have, so we do not let anyone pressure or influence our relationship,” concludes Zukhanye.

You can watch their YouTube channel here