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How to stay safe when using an Uber and Taxify

by: Lerato Motsiri - 24 July 2017

Uber and Taxify have had a long list of violent incidents this year. If it isn’t the meter taxi owners attacking uber drivers, it’s uber riders that get assaulted by the drivers.

Just this week Pretoria driver Lindelani Mashau died from injuries after meter taxi drivers torched his car, while a Cape Town woman was almost abducted in a Taxify.

With the increased risk of violence, we’ve put together a helpful list of things you can do to stay safe in an Uber or Taxify:


Verify all the drivers information including his photograph before you even request it. Once you have requested a car, check to see the number plate, model of the car and the colour match to ensure that you get into the right car.

Stay indoors:

Wait for the Uber indoors and only leave your residence when it arrives. It’ll help you avoid dangerous situations like getting robbed, especially at night when your cellphone can attract criminals.

Ride in the backseat:

This applies especially if you are alone. Being behind the driver gives you better chances of getting away if he/she tries to hurt you or drive off with you.

Share trip with friends:

While making your way to your destination, click share status on the app. This will send all the car and driver details including his picture to your friends and family. They will also be able to track your location in real-time.

Listen to your instincts:

If you feel unsafe and think you are in danger, call 10111 to connect with the police. They will be able to address your concerns or get you out of a dangerous situation safely. The call is free across all networks.

Give feedback on your trip:

Contact Uber or Taxify to report drivers should you experience any harassment on your trip. This will ensure that any problematic drivers are dealt with.

We spoke to Uber spokesperson, Samantha Allenberg and she has confirmed that all Gautrain stations are danger zones when calling an Uber since there is a big presence of meter taxis in the area.

“We are aware of the intimidation at Gautrain Stations,” she said.

So for their safety and yours, if you are in that area make other transport arrangements.