FGM Activists Approach Government

by: Mamaputle Boikanyo - 11 October 2018

FGM Activists Approach Government

FGM activists request for an end to violence against women

The fight to end the practice of female genital mutilation continues. For International Day of the Girl Child, 11 October 2018, young women activists from the End FGM movement directly reached out to the Nigerian and Kenyan government with an urgent request for legal measures to be taken to dismantle the practice of FGM.

The movement to end FGM, which was initiated by The Girl Generation Movement, gained momentum during its launch on 23 July this year. Since then, the movement has gained attention in various parts of Africa and online, under the hashtag #EndFGM and #Ihavespoken. The mission has been to demolish the practice of FGM by bringing awareness to a practice which has, at this point, seen 200 million girls and women across 30 countries in Africa being mutilated.

Today, activists handed over signed, open letters to the government of Nigeria and Kenya, requesting for the implementation of new measures that will bring about the end of FGM in a single generation.

Sadia Hussein, a Kenyan youth leader and one of the young women spearheading the End FGM movement, had this to say about the importance of this day.

“FGM remains an urgent and pressing issue across Africa. We need all of our governments to take ending FGM seriously. We are calling on our leaders to help us protect our sisters and daughters”, she said.

While the campaign has been able to spread awareness and create discussions across social media, it’s also important that they make efforts to effect change through approaching the government directly.

FGM activists

Dr. Faith Mwangi-Powell, Global Director for The Girl Generation, who speaks positively of the girls and their efforts, also points out that change is a two-way street.

“On such an important day like today where we come together to empower girls around the world, it is inspiring to see such passionate young people directly engaging with leaders. I sincerely hope our political leaders will heed their calls and take action towards implementing these measures. In doing so, they will be taking a huge leap forward in making the world a place that is safer for our girls”, said Dr, Mwangi-Powell.

You can find more information on the Youth End FGM campaign by visiting www.iwillendfgm.org.