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Does the #FeesMustFall decolonised national anthem exclude other South Africans?

by: Lufuno Ramadwa - 21 October 2016

Members of #FeesMustFall in Wits and Stellenbosch, last week, introduced what has been deemed the “decolonised national anthem”. The students substituted the Afrikaans part of the national anthem with new Zulu lyrics. A reasonable number of people feel that this new anthem, by using only Nguni languages, is excluding other South African languages. Also, by removing Afrikaans, the anthem further excludes coloured people, whose mother tongue is Afrikaans. We spoke to some young people on the streets of Jozi and Cape Town to find out what they think. “Some people will make claims that coloured people speak Afrikaans, but we speak Afrikaaps,” says Nazlee Arbe (21). Jodechon Parsons (21) feels we shouldn’t remove Afrikaans as it’s also a South African language. Lesego Ledimo (18) thinks we should leave Afrikaans and even further add Mandarin. Watch the video below and let us know what you think, in the comments section below.

Video shot by Lufuno Ramadwa (Cape Town) and Nadine Kutu (Jozi), and edited by Lufuno Ramadwa