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Eldorado Park service delivery protest in pictures

by: Gabriela Mc Gowan - 8 May 2017


The early hours of Monday morning saw chaos on the Golden Highway leading to the N12 in the south of Johannesburg. The road was brought to a complete standstill as residents of the predominantly coloured suburb, Eldorado Park, protested against poor service delivery, unemployment and the inability for police to curb drug abuse in the area. Protesters also expressed that they are tired of living in shacks. They want real houses. Residents are also upset that neighbouring Freedom Park, which is just on the other side of the Golden Highway, has had a new mall and park built but there has been no recent developments for Eldorado Park .


Last night, disgruntled residents held a meeting at the Don Matement Hall in Eldorado Park to discuss their grievances, and plan the riot they started at the break of dawn, leaving most travellers with no option but to turn their vehicles around and head back home in fear if their safety. News reports have urged motorists and commuters to avoid the Golden Highway and other roads leading into Eldorado Park and Freedom Park as the rioters have resorted to damaging vehicles and looting shops in the area. Meanwhile, the sounds of a helicopter and sirens filled the air as police attempted to disperse the crowd with rubber bullets and teargas.


It has also been reported that no injuries have been incurred and no arrests have been made as yet. The situation continues, and it’s unclear when community members will be able to go about their day without fear of attack by protesters.

You can follow the developments of the protest as it happens on Twitter under the hashtag #EldoradoPark.