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Dunoon residents on whether they will be voting these municipal elections

by: Xoliswa Qoni - 25 April 2016

IMG_3654Last week, residents of Dunoon, a Cape Town township, attempted to occupy a piece of land that belonged to a private farmer. This was a way of expressing their unhappiness with the slow process of them getting proper housing. They also burnt tyres on the roads and destroyed a MyCity bus station. We asked people who were part of the protest if anything had changed since the last elections and if they are voting in the upcoming municipal elections.


Sithembele Minyela (25)

Sthembele Minyela“I did not vote in the last election. I didn’t see the point since there’s no change taking place. I am registered for the upcoming municipal elections and I will vote just to have the barcode that shows I did take part.”

Sithembele, who is currently unemployed, has been living in Dunoon for the past five years. He believes nothing has changed since the last elections, “especially when it comes to housing.”


Yonela Keisa (21)

Yanela Keisa 2“I voted in the last elections due to the excitement I had because it was my first time voting. I’m not voting in the upcoming elections, because all the promises that were made last time I voted were never implemented. I would be happy If our current councillor would get fired because he is not doing his job at all. I also feel like he does not understand the challenges faced by people staying in Dunoon because he is not from here. We share a small number of toilets and they are always dirty and blocked.”

Yonela, is currently unemployed and has lived in Dunoon for 14 years.

Samkelo Nzuzo (19)

Samkelo“I didn’t vote because I was not eligible to vote since I was under age. I won’t vote in the upcoming elections [because] I do not see any type of progress in this area and there is too much racism and inequality here in Cape Town. I feel there is no party at the moment that can fully represent me. And our government is corrupt and is getting worse by the day. Lastly, our current councillor is not doing his job that I think it’s about time we got a new one.’’
Samkelo is a student who has been living in Dunoon for the past 10 years.


Thembela Madletyana (26)

Thembela“I voted in the last elections because it is a right and a privilege I felt I should exercise. I will vote in the upcoming elections. I still have hope in our current government although they are lacking somewhere. Housing in Dunoon is too dense. We would be happy if they could offer us land to where other residents would move.”

Thembela is in the taxi industry and has been staying in Dunoon for 11 years.

Zuki Tikayo (21)

“I did not vote in the last elections. I am very ignorant when it comes to politics. My life only revolves around my family, friends and people from church. I’m not registered for the upcoming elections, but if I were to be given another chance to register I would vote for the DA. Reason is I have mostly white friends and they vote for the DA, which I believe is the right party to rule the country.’’

Zuki, who is a student and has been staying in Dunoon for five years, says there has only been a slight change since the last elections.

*Zuki refused to be photographed. 

Has anything changed in your area since the last elections? Are you voting in the upcoming municipal elections? Let us know in the comments section or on Facebook and Twitter.

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