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Dead silence at The Smoke House and Grill after Adam Catzavelos’ racist rant

Dead silence at The Smoke House and Grill after Adam Catzavelos’ racist rant

by: Terry Simelane-Mathabathe - 23 August 2018

Family business feels the heat after backlash from racist rant

Being a racist is costly, and not just for your reputation. Business owner Adam Catzavelos has come under fire after saying that a beach with no black people is “heaven on earth and referring to black people as k*****rs. ”


A video leaked on social media of the part owner of popular Braamfontein restaurant referring to black people as k****rs while on vacation in Greece. Outraged, people from all over the country have expressed their disgust and called for a boycott of all the businesses that he is associated with including his family business, St George’s Fine Food. Many of the businesses affiliated to him have distanced themselves from Adam.The Baron Group released a press statement dissociated themselves with St George’s Fine Foods. The EFF has opened a case against Adam and the Butcher Shop and Grill has ended their relationship with his family’s business. A boycott of Nike has also been called since their merchandising director has been revealed as Adam’s wife Kelly Catzavelos.

We visited Smoke House and Grill to get comment from waiters and patrons, but were met by a deserted restaurant. “Smoke House and Grill has closed temporarily because of the backlash from the video.” we are told by one of the locals.

With no one to interview inside the restaurant, we decided to interview people on the streets of Braamfontein.

“It is 2018, the 24th year of Nelson Mandela’s ‘Rainbow Nation’ so why are we still experiencing racism that is so bold, so unbothered by consequence?” This is the question that we ask people who have agreed to sit for a quick interview.

“This is South Africa, why are people surprised? It’s not right but come on it’s not new. Perhaps Adam’s boldness came from the fact that he didn’t think the video would be seen by any black people,” says one interviewee who has asked to remain anonymous.

The public has called for racists to receive real punishment. “We want boycotts, we want legal justice, we want ramifications.” says *Mary

The view of locals in Braam is that no matter how many demands for justice we may bring, there will be no justice for black people- the victims of racism. “Nothing will happen to him, I am telling you. Nothing really happened to Penny Sparrow and look at Vicky Momberg is already applying for bail. It hasn’t even been a year. I mean come on,” said anonymous

We interviewed a few people to ask their opinion about the Adam Catzavelos video, this is what they had to say: