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Adam Catzavelos has issued an apology and people aren’t buying it

Adam Catzavelos has issued an apology and people aren’t buying it

by: Terry Simelane-Mathabathe - 24 August 2018

Twitter reacts to Adam Catzavelos’ apology statement

The #AdamCatzavelos plot thickens. The embattled businessman has “apologised” in the form of a written statement, released on the 23rd of August, in which he expressed deep regret for his actions.

“I have been thoughtless and insensitive and shown a complete lack of understanding of what the people of our nation have endured. I have insulted so many people. I am not proud.”

The statement has made the rounds on Twitter and the public has not wasted any time in sharing their views.


Many users have said that they think the statement was written by a crisis management professional and that Adam is not genuinely sorry. Others have questioned the method of apology asking why he couldn’t call a press conference and apologise in person.

Not to be outshone or left behind, Afriforum has stated that they will prosecute Adam if the NPA “drags its feet.” According to an article published on IOL Afriforum chief executive Kalle Kriel said, “We condemn any form of racism and if the State fails to prosecute him, we will gladly take up the matter.” This isn’t the first statement from Afriforum on the matter. On Wednesday Ernst Roets said that they condemn “racism from both sides”.

Adam has since been fired from his family’s business St George’s Fine Foods, a case against him has been opened by the EFF and the DA has laid a complaint against him at the South African Human Rights Commission.

We were in Braamfontein on Wednesday and got responses, from the locals, to Adam’s video. You can see them here: