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8 things Americans must know before relocating to South Africa

by: Live Staff - 9 November 2016

Donald Trump is the new president of the United States and some Americans are looking for the quickest way out of there. Just today, the Canadian immigration website crashed due to the high volume. Before they start looking down south and crashing our own home affairs website, here are a few things to consider before catching that one-way ticket to South Africa:

1. You can’t take over our hip-hop scene.  We already have our own Kanye West.


2. Harambe’s family lives here. And we still haven’t forgiven you

harambe fam 3. Our President, Jacob Zuma, gives Donald Trump a run for his money when it comes to being controversial

4. We only have one Starbucks, and it’s in Joburg. You can go there when you start missing home too much.

5. Please bring Trevor Noah and Pearl Thusi back with you because we hear your new president really hates immigrants.

6. Thanks for giving us Samuel L Jackson. We’ve been dying for new actors on Generations to help us #OpenUpTheIndustry

7. We’re not too great with directions. Rather use Google Maps. But to reach the Union Buildings…Maybe go straight to Pretoria, take a right at the robots and then a short left, or just ask the regulars at #SaxonworldShebeen if you’re in Joburg.

8. We love Beyonce. But please know that we already have our own Queen B.