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PD_ Sanitary Pads issue (1)We find the voices of young people in South Africa, amplify their stories and turn their cause for change into a reality.
Tell us your issue. We’ll take it on and campaign with you.

Project Demo will help young people effect change that needs to happen for them to thrive in their communities. We will help surface critical voices from young people across South Africa and create noise around their issues. We will amplify and spread their stories across youth platforms and media partners. We will research and power-map how the issues can be addressed.

We will support current and future activists to gain traction for their issues – from building relationships with national parliament to the provincial legislature. We will help decode and demystify how decision-makers can be accessed. And ultimately, we will do everything we can to help young people with a cause for change to make that change become a reality.

You can follow the story of campaigns in depth or advocate for your own issue right here on the Project Demo platform at

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