Police losing the war on violent crime

by: Terry Simelane-Mathabathe - 25 October 2017

Police losing the war on violent crime

Police minister, Fikile Mbalula, released the latest crime statistics in parliament on Tuesday. While the stats show a general decrease in reported crime by 1.8%, there has been an increase in serious crimes like murder and aggravated robbery.

“Despite the positive spin put on the latest data there is no conclusion to be reached other than that the police are overwhelmed and failing to hold back the criminal onslaught directed at citizens of the country, ” says the Institute for Race Relations crime analyst, Kerwin Lebone

Reported murder’s increased by 1.84% while violent crimes like aggravated robbery and robbery of cash in transit have increased by 6.86% and 10.95% respectively.

The murder rate in the country has increased over the last 5 years from 31 per 100 000 people to 34 per 100 000. According to the Institute of Race Relations, the murder rate has stabilised at a very high level. International comparisons show that South Africa’s murder rate is today almost 30 times higher than that in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.”

Gauteng has been dubbed the most deadly province with 4101 murders for the 2016/2017 period. The number of murders in Gauteng increased by 6.7%. There has been a 16.9% increase in hijackings in the province. With 8610 reported hijackings, Gauteng has the highest number in the country.

Mbalula has warned violent criminals that they will be dealt with proportionally. He sent a message out to criminals saying: “Today, I am saying to criminal gangs, Nilibambe Lingashoni – I am coming for you hard, enough is enough.”