5 times big brands have been racist

by: Terry Simelane-Mathabathe - 9 October 2017

5 times big brands have been racist

Dove is feeling the wrath of Twitter after posting a racist advert. In four images, it showed a black woman turn into a red- haired white woman wearing after using Dove soap. Many people perceived the advert to be Dove basically telling black and brown people that they are dirty. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a big brand has made this mistake. We look at 5 times that big brands disrespected black people.

1. All you needed was a Pepsi, fallists
Pepsi left a bitter taste in the mouth after releasing a borderline racist ad earlier this year. The advertisement featured model Kendall Jenner handing riot police a Pepsi at a protest to seemingly calm tensions.

Twitter deduced that the ad was “inspired” by the image of a black woman at a #BlackLivesMatter protest, which the photo director later denied. What made the ad disrespectful was the timing and he assumed idea that all protesters have to do is give the police a Pepsi and then their rights wouldn’t be violated.


2. Will the good black fathers please stand up

The insurance company came under fire in June when it released a video for Fathers Day that only featured white dads, and one black father. Twitter crucified Outsurance for the video, asking why there are no black dads in the video targetted to a population where the majority is black.

This is not the first time the company has come under fire, it has also been criticised for using blackface in its TV advertisements.


3. So black is impure then?

Earlier this year, Nivea came under the spotlight for its “white is purity” advertisement. The post on Facebook featured the words white is purity across the image of a white woman. Needless to say, people were less than impressed and Nivea had to take the ad down.


4. The ads of your past will come back to haunt you

Sony released a white version of the PSP and what better way to announce the new product than with a disgustingly racist ad. The ad featured a white woman holding a black woman aggressively by the chin, came out in 2006.

Even though the image is 11 years old, the ad came back into the spotlight when someone tweeted a picture of the billboard in April this year. The tweet got 20 000 retweets and 29 000 likes with many people seeing the ad for the first time.



5. Some brands never learn

The recent racist Facebook ad is not the first time that Dove has been accused of racism. The brand released an image in 2011 featuring three women on a colour gradient with the words before and after. The darker woman was shown as the before while the white woman was shown as the after.