Meet our Mentors

Meet our Mentors
From Johannesburg:
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Is a graphic designer who is fortunate to not only practice graphic design, but to also teach and conduct research in this field. Being involved in these three areas, she never stops learning. Follow her on twitter: @LaskarinaY


Is a 26 year old Soweto born and raised photographer, who initially joined the team as a contributor and now manages the Live Magazine intern team in Johannesburg. Follow him on twitter: @todar88


Is a writer, editor and brand consultant with over 15 years’ experience in the media, communications and entertainment industries. He is the founder of Random Window (Pty) Ltd., a brand consultancy at the nexus of content, concepts and communication. Follow him on twitter: @siphiwempye

From Cape Town:

Has worked in broadcast television in UK for many years, as an editor and a director / producer, specialising in documentaries and children’s programmes for BBC, Channel 4 and 5. Over the years she has learnt that becoming an overall filmmaker is a huge advantage in this changing world. Follow her on twitter: @TamaraPictures


Is a Live SA alumni, who is now a Cape Town Team Manager. He is a young writer and artist who grew up in Swaziland but has been based in Cape Town for the past six years. He writes mostly about music and a little bit of politics. Follow him on twitter: @SabzaMK


Is a documentary filmmaker who never graduated from a film school but was fortunate to be mentored by women filmmakers. He has produced stories for Global Fund, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Department of Health (MSAT) and collaborated with independent filmmakers.


Writes columns for the City Press, some thinking pieces and movie reviews for the Mail and Guardian. She has contributed to some US titles, too; The Atlantic’s start-up Quartz ( and Essence Magazine. And about twice or more a month she hosts a late night show on Talk Radio 702. Follow her on twitter: @Joonji