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Woke South African YouTubers who tell it like it is

by: Sabelo Mkhabela - 2 August 2016

Woke vloggers

There are YouTubers we love just because they are funny. And then there are those we follow because they have a mission to address issues that many lack the courage to talk about. From topics like white privilege to rape culture, this group of young people are tackling social issues with serious style.

Sibu Mpanza

UCT student Sibu Mpanza has been a YouTube vlogger since 2015. His videos, which rake in thousands of views, address social issues in a tongue-in-cheek manner. For instance, he introduces his “Going To A Model C School Gives You White Privilege” video, with a hilarious anecdotal bar scene. Then he quickly gets into the real subject. His videos touch on current affairs like hip hop star Okmalumkoolkat’s sexual assault charge and the University of Free State’s white students attacking black students. Sibu also provides simple explanations to terms that are often thrown around but often misunderstood like “sexual consent”, “white privilege”, and “rape culture”.

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Pap Culture

The Pap Culture collective is based in Cape Town and consists of three young women, Nwabisa Mda, Thembe Mahlaba and Bongeka Masango. Their vlogs are categorised into talks and challenges as well as their dashboard cam show “Ride Alongs” where they’ve interviewed popular YouTubers including Anne Hirsch. The collective is edgy and vibrant, creating a comfortable aura for discussions of tricky topics such as race relations, blessers, slut shaming and black tax.

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Unfiltered posted their first video on YouTube just four months ago, and their numbers have been growing steadily. The web-series produced by Mangi Mbileni, Nanka Hawes and Baba Gqubule (who is one of the co-founders, but is no longer involved in the production) showcases the opinions of young South Africans.
These vox pops include issues like Black Twitter, race relations, and blessers. The latter is one of their most viewed videos with over 67,000 views.
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