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#TotalShutdown: A Gallery

#TotalShutdown: A Gallery

by: Tshituku Ndadza - 8 August 2018

On 1 August 2018, to mark the beginning of Women’s month, thousands of womxn and non-gender conforming people gathered in masses in Pretoria to march to the Union Building. The march was part of a mass protest occurring across the country against gender-based violence. Here are some of the amazing images and videos that we captured at the march.

The Dancing and Singing

Protestors at the forefront of the movement took center stage by dancing to the songs sung by the masses. The dancing represented the joy at the solidarity and unity of all womxn as well as the anger and sorrow felt against gender-based violence.


IMG_20180801_114328 (1)

IMG_20180801_114322 (1)

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The Symbolic Protests

There are are many ways in which protest symbolised their solidarity, their frustrations and their pain. But what stood out was when protestors laid down with their fists in the air. There are many ways to see this, but one interpretation is that it commemorates all the womxn who lost their lives to gender-based violence and our solidarity with them


IMG_20180801_115122 (2)


IMG_20180801_115117 (1)

In Loving Memory of Mama Winnie

Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela meant a great deal to black womxn all over the country. In a day like this protestors made sure not to forget this. In the video below, the marchers sang anti-apartheid song “Senzeni na?” and a speaker urged marchers to put their fists up in the air in order to commemorate Mama Winnie.

The Love

Safety was a recurring theme for the march, marshal’s surrounded all marchers by forming a chain of arms and hands around all who were part of #TotalShutdown.


The Passion

After a long walk to the Union Building, Loyiso Saliso, founder of Khanyisa Ikamva Projects, gave a riveting speech to masses, thanking all womxn for their bravery and being a part of #TotalShutdown. In the video you can sense the emotions coming from the crowd and Loyiso’s voice too.