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by: Bokang Sibolla - 31 August 2015

Digify Bytes is an intensive training experience aimed at giving thousands of young people and job seekers a short, sharp shot of digital skills. Delivered by passionate, young digital professionals, Digify Bytes will open up a whole new world where digital skills will give you a competitive advantage when you go job hunting, or sharpen your online marketing skills for your brand or business.

We offer FREE Digital 101 and Strategy 101 courses for anyone between the ages of 18-25 based in Gauteng or the Western Cape.  If you are a teacher, administrator or someone who works with young people, we can facilitate our sessions at no cost to your institution.  Our digital skills training includes web design/UX, SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and much more (Check out our full course description here: Digify Bytes Curriculum Overview). If you would like to come to future Digify Bytes sessions held at a youth organisation, college or institution near you, complete the form below and we will be in touch when we are in a neighbourhood near you.

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