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Meet the Pretoria computer scientist whose app, Thread Tweet, is about to make your life easier

by: Buntu Mgwelo - 20 April 2017


Ever wanted to write a whole thread in one go instead of having to reply to thread your tweets and then having to delete your username first? Well, Kgothatso Ngako, a 23-year-old from Pretoria has the answer, with an app he created called Thread Tweet.

Thread Tweet  allows you to write all your threaded tweets in one go so that they all appear in one go instead of having to type a new tweet every time.

Designing the app was cheap and hassle-free

The computer science graduate says he designed the app after seeing threads posted by the likes of Okay Wasabi and  Mefied. He says that he liked that the people wrote interesting threads but found them hard to follow because they’d be mixed in with replies on his timeline.

He says the app, unlike Twitter Moments, actually focuses on publishing stories by an individual user, unlike curating or showcasing events as twitter moments does. So, using the app, you can write as many tweets as you want, save and then send them all out at the same time.

All it took him to design this app was to write down what he wanted the app to do and then sketch it out how it should look like. After that he developed the idea into code.

Kgothatso says producing the app was cheap and hassle-free. He is now currently testing the app with about 30 people to see if it works properly.

Kgothatso, who started liking computers in primary school, says:  “I was mostly quiet around people. Even now, I only say what needs to be said and would rather beat-box to pass the time”.

The computer scientist is also a founding member of a software development company called  e-regardless, which specialises in software design and has worked with companies such as Word n Sound.

He hopes the app will grow biggger

Kgothatso, who also writes poetry in his spare time, plans to develop an iOS app for all the iPhone users on Twitter. This will increase his user base and opens an opportunity for growth.

Kgothatso’s hope is to see the app growing big and reaching greater heights. He plans to develop other apps. The app is available on google app and is downloaded for free.