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Getting data is as easy as telling us your story

Getting data is as easy as telling us your story

by: admin - 12 July 2017

That’s right! By telling your story, you stand a chance to win airtime. So what’s the catch? Super awesome online magazine for girls by girls, Springster, is looking for writers.

You’ll be joining a team of girl writers from around the world, contribute your stories to be published on Springster and get support and guidance from editors to help you become the most amazing writer.

So, what sort of stories are we looking for? Anything goes. Perhaps you learned how to manage your budget, improved your school marks, gained confidence, helped out someone in need or used your talent to earn money. It’s your story and your voice, so you get to determine what to say.

And you know what? We will help you tell your story powerfully. There’ll be a writing work, and on-going support!

To apply send your name, age, cell phone number and your 300-word story to or WhatsApp 076 068 4449.

Remember: every time you contribute your story you stand a chance of winning airtime! #DataMustFall