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Event Review: Film Noire centers the black experience

Event Review: Film Noire centers the black experience

by: admin - 29 August 2017

South African film has a long and racist history. From Allan Quatermain to the long list of Leon Schuster films, the representation of black people on the silver screen has mostly taken (with the exception of a few movies) three routes;

It has either been the complete erasure of black people to representation without nuance or depth or just blatant racism and dehumanisation.

The introduction of Film Noire is an attempt by Nandi Dlepu to bring the power of cinematic storytelling to the people of Johannesburg

The event creates a space for black people to explore and critique history and enjoy the glory of seeing nuanced versions of themselves reflected through cinema.

For the August edition, the Winnie documentary was screened at the newest central Johannesburg hub, Joziburg. The film explores her role as a struggle hero and looks at the impact of patriarchy, the elusive “third force” and Nelson Mandela (and that affair with Dali Mpofu) to her contentious legacy.

The Winnie documentary is particularly relevant now with its feminist-leaning perspective and the ever-growing call for land and transformation of the economy.

The powerful documentary by Pascale Lamche shows Winnie’s refusal to be broken and her impeccable foresight after criticising ANC for over-negotiating during the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA).

With loud gasps, finger snaps and the occasional “Yass” in the background, Film Noire revives and rekindled that fun old school bioscope experience by offering a space where blackness is central.

You can catch the next Film Noire screening on the 28th September.