EFF steals Cyril Ramaphosa’s shine at free education discussion

by: Sheilan Clarke - 6 November 2015

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa replies to oral questions by delegates to the House in the National Council of Provinces Chamber. Cape Town, 04/11/2015, Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

During the deputy president’s speech on university fees, free education and unemployment, the EFF showed a willingness to help find answers. 

“We are here to assist you”

Deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa — who is usually heckled by the red-berets about Marikana — was offered help and support in finding money for the fees crisis.

“We are still open. Let’s change the constitution. Let’s expropriate the lands without compensation. Let’s nationalise key sectors of our economy so that this is achievable,” said Ms Tebogo Mokwele from the EFF.

Mokwele also added that instead of being thrown out of parliament all the time, the EFF would like to sit down with key players and brainstorm solutions.

“We can solve this problem”

Ramaphosa charmed MPs by saying that he is grateful young people have taken up the issue of fees and outsourcing in a very disciplined and orderly way.

MPs unanimously agreed with him

Although DA MP, Jacques Julius, questioned why the fees discussion process is taking so long despite having discussed this very issue two years ago during a ministerial review.

Ramaphosa said that it is now time for students and lawmakers to put their heads together and find solutions.  

Don’t forget the staff

“From the lady who sweeps the rooms at the universities to the man who tends the gardens, they also need to be factored into this equation,” warned Ramaphosa.

This comes as UCT and Wits have committed to ending the outsourcing of campus workers.

Regulating universities

Ramaphosa’s response to a question on the regulation of universities left the NCOP cheering. He said students should be thanked for bringing up the issue.

He then said that the government was open to suggestions from young people as to how to fix the crisis.

What do you think of Ramaphosa’s NCOP response to the current crisis in our universities?

Image by: Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

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