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Young person to watch: Nynno Bel-Air

by: Thapelo Mosiuoa - 9 January 2015

Remember the name Nynno Bel-Air. And when you do, remember that you heard/read it here first. She is set to take the photography world by storm very, very soon.

Born in Europe, over the years Nynno has become a global citizen in her own right – having been raised in Australia and across Africa. According to her website “she has a love for the expression of different cultures and societal sub-cultures through her work.” This is what gives Nynno’s photography a distinct creative edge. Self-taught in both digital and film photography (with a background in psychology) Ms Bel-Air has a well-trained eye for angles and fine detail. Her work is currently focused on portrait and fashion photography.

The Melbourne (and sometimes Tokyo) based photographer recently visited the sunny shores of South Africa and had a fun photoshoot with fellow world citizen and Live SA favourite: Yfm disc jockey, Kay Morgan aka DJ Doowap.  The entire shoot was done on film in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct and allowed DJ Doowap to flex her modelling prowess against the grungy backdrop of Johannesburg’s streets.

Check it out!

NynnoBelAir_DjDoowap-R10-17-7 copy

Photographer: Nynno Bel-Air / Model: DJ Doowap


NynnoBelAir_DjDoowap-R9-10-14 copy

Photographer: Nynno Bel-Air / Model: DJ Doowap


NynnoBelAir_DjDoowap-R8-18-6A copy

Photographer: Nynno Bel-Air / Model: DJ Doowap


Follow her on Twitter @NynnoBelair and visit her website to see more of the work she’s done all over the world!

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