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Photographer Lusanda Ndita explores the township back room with four young men

Photographer Lusanda Ndita explores the township back room with four young men

by: admin - 13 December 2017

The back room is a feature in many black households where there is a young man. Located at the back of the household, the room is a midway point for men who are still young and can’t afford their own places but are old enough that they need their own space. Photographer and Market Photo Workshop student Lunsanda Nditi explored the idea of the back room and what it means for young men.

©Lusanda Ndita_005Magaba_2017

“I am inspired by my past experience where my mother built two outside rooms for rent, at the time I turned 18 years old. I forcibly moved to the outside room without letting her know, no electricity, the doors didn’t have locks, I only had a bed. I didn’t care I wanted my own space.

I needed a personal space where one can feel a sense of ownership. I am interested in how the outside room is a marker of growth or a graduation from boy to man.

©Lusanda Ndita_003Daniel_2017

©Lusanda Ndita_005Spiro_2017

The people I photographed, are not my subjects but my friends. We grew up together. Through this photo series, I learned that our reasons and stages of moving out are not the same but what ties us together is that all of us wanted to have some sense of

©Lusanda Ndita_001Daniel_2017

©Lusanda Ndita_001Stibo_2017

To see more of Lusanda Ndita’s work you can view his Behance profile or catch his group exhibition at Photo Market Workshop where he will be exhibiting his body of work titled “The Good Hope” about spirituality as it explores the landscape of township churches as a place of worship and looks at what transform a space to be a Holy space.