Lips on fleek – 3 young women on their love for lipstick

by: Goabaona Mathibe - 17 February 2016

lipstick ©GoabaonaSince ancient Mesopotamian times, lipstick has always been a part of women’s lives – changing shapes, shades and shimmers as time went by. Lipstick is the “pick-me-up” when I’m down” that only requires a dig in the handbag. Some might believe that it’s a waste of time, but it is an essential for those who will never roam the streets with naked lips. Here is what lipstick lovers had to say:

Lipstick ©Goabaoan

 “My favourite lipstick shades include a matte red called Monte Carlo and a dark purple called Transylvania, both by NYX. The downside is that the range is only available at Clicks, so sometimes you have to hop from mall to mall to see if they have stock. I’ve resorted to mixing different shades of eyeliner to get the perfect colours. I get pretty crafty. So, I’d pretty much use anything  to get the perfect shade.” – Linda Magare


Lipstick_ ©Goabaona
 I forgot my lipstick at my flat this other time while I was on my way to a lecture. When I realised this, I turned back to get the lipstick in an attempt to save my lips.” – Fawziya Sofiana
“I put my lipstick on before brushing my teeth because the shade I choose determines my day. Pinks and happy colours are for the not-so-happy days because they automatically brighten up my face. The dark colours are for the actual happy days. I guess it’s all about illusion.”– Gabby Mathibe                                                                                         

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