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Woodstock, where people’s walls form an outside gallery for mural art

by: Storm Wright - 15 December 2015

Amidst the broken down buildings, the poverty  and the glass-littered streets in Woodstock, just a stone-throw from the Cape Town CBD, there is a stunning beauty to be found. A beauty that’s hidden in plain sight. A graffiti haven, if you will. An outside gallery where residents have offered up their houses as canvases for graffiti and mural artists from all over the world.

Double graffiti Woodstock


From DALeast’s animals that look like they’re about to jump at you from the walls. To artists like Breeze Yoko and Louis Masai using their art to draw our attention to rhino poaching as well as Nard Star*’s colourful murals as well as other artists – big and small.

Flying birds graffiti Woodstock

Although Cape Town is often described as the home of graffiti in South Africa, it has not always been easy for artists to do their work here as there is a Graffiti-by-law governing what artists can and cannot do.

Bird of prey graffiti Woodstock
Woodstock seems to be one of the areas where artists managed to bring back some colour to the outside walls of homes around Gympie street where, in the past, the street used to be more famous for being dangerous than it is for being a place to take a walk and watch beautiful art.

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All images: Storm Wright