[Video] This is why South African rappers sound the same

by: Live Staff - 17 November 2016

Would you say your favourite South African rappers are original? Well, after listening to A-Reece’s new album Paradise, two of our contributors found themselves asking the same question. Aseza Pupuma didn’t like it because “everything on the album sounded the same; ‘Couldn’t’ sounded like ‘Ama Hater’”.

While Mayuyuka Kaunda sees it this way: “If everyone is going for a formula; that trap sound, no matter which producer you use, you will end up using the same flows, choosing the same beat, and you will sound the same.” Watch them discuss this and reference other artists, such as Emtee, who they think lack originality. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Video shot by Andile Rada and edited by Mayuyuka Kaunda