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Vodacom subscribers, Showmax wants to put you on

by: Gabriela Mc Gowan - 29 March 2017


With scrolling 164 weeks deep into your ex’s Instagram and frantically retweeting hysterical memes on the latest trending topic, data can become very costly. So Showmax and Vodacom are hooking you up for the next three months.

From 27 March, Showmax will supply three months of data (yes honey, I said it) adding up to 3GB in total, at no extra charge to new customers who sign up for Showmax through Vodacom (via add to bill or using prepaid airtime).

Plus, existing customers who have already signed up through Vodacom will also receive this data. In total, this dedicated Showmax data is enough to watch up to 35 episodes of hit shows like The Fixer and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Chris Savides, Head of Showmax Africa said: “Internet TV is taking off – it makes so much sense if you’ve got a smartphone or tablet to stream and download TV shows and movies whenever and wherever you want. What we’re finding, though, is that data can be an issue for some customers and that’s why we decided to try including it in the purchase price. For a single monthly fee you know exactly what you’re getting with no worry. Importantly, we’ve applied this retrospectively to existing customers who signed up through Vodacom, so nobody misses out.”

For more information and to sign up visit Once signed up, customers will receive 1GB of data dedicated to Showmax usage, valid for 30 days. As long as the customer remains subscribed to Showmax, another 1GB bundle will be allocated at the end of the first and second months, taking the total data allocation to 3GB over three months.

“We want to take data out of the equation for customers and this promotion is just one approach that we’re trying. We’ve got more in the pipeline. Our ultimate goal is to make internet TV accessible to as many people as possible,” concludes Savides.

The data bundles apply to both Showmax Premium and Showmax Select customers.

Using the most data-efficient download setting, 3GB of data is enough to download up to 35 episodes of 20-minute hit shows. If the same 20-minute shows are streamed using the most data-efficient setting, this data would be enough to watch approximately 30 episodes.

For more information visit

*The number of shows that can be viewed depends upon the the level of bandwidth capping selected and/or the download quality selected. The example of 35 shows is based on downloading using the most data-efficient quality setting.
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Photography: Siyabonga Mkhasibe