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Up your skills with ReadyToWork

by: Live Staff - 11 April 2017


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It’s a fact that young people are the pulse of business and industry. Some of the most innovative and inventive products and services created in the last decade were spearheaded by young people, be they entrepreneurs or in various careers across industries. Young people have changed how society think about business and work environments, making them more dynamic and impactful.

This is why ABSA created Readytowork. The programme is aimed at empowering young people with People, Money, Work and Entrepreneurial skills that will up your game, and amplify your purpose and impact. Delivered in partnership with Livity Africa’s Digify programme, ReadytoWork provides online and offline learning material that will help you develop your skills to unlock your full potential — leading to a promotion, giving you wings to start a business and empowering you with important soft skills that have been proved to be important in being more effective and influential

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