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Petty things I’ve done after a break-up

by: Xoliswa Qoni - 14 June 2016

Petty Things You've Done_May 2016

Some people called DJ Zinhle petty for wearing a #Nonke t-shirt. But sometimes petty is the only thing that feels good after a bad split. Below, six young people confess to some of the things they’ve done after a break-up.

“I asked for all the presents I ever bought for him back, including underwear”

“He cheated with a girl from the same area as me. At first I suspected there was something going on between them, but every time I asked him, he would deny it. I saw them being cosy at the mall, and it was clear they were more than friends. After we broke up, I went to his flat, and asked for all the presents I’d gifted him, including the underwear he was wearing. He had to take it off that minute because it was my money.” – Anonymous (24), Cape Town

“I did not bring back his things”

“When he broke up with me I had his belongings, his camera and his hoodie. He wanted me to give them back and I didn’t. I gave the hoodie to my younger brother; it suits him better. His camera, I kept, even though I have my own. I just wanted to be spiteful.”  – Anonymous (26) Uitenhage

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“He dumped me on April Fools’ Day and I decided to make a fool of him, too”

“It was the 1st of April last year when he broke the news that he didn’t want me anymore. I thought he was joking since it was April Fools’ Day. But he was not. I then made a fool of him too by spreading lies that I broke up with him because I found out he was gay.”– Anonymous(22) Cape town

“I commented on each and every status and photo he posted on social media”

“We broke up and I accepted it, but I became petty by commenting on each and every status and photo he posted on social media. I just wanted to be a nuisance and irritate him and it worked. The other day he posted a photo with his new girlfriend and I commented, ‘You left a Beyonce for a Whoopi Goldberg.’ He was so pissed he ended up blocking me on his social media networks.” – Anonymous (24) Paarl

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“I dedicated ‘No Scrubs’ song by TLC to him live on the radio”

“He dumped me and I was like, ‘So what?’ I mean my tears were not worth crying for him. I loved him yes, but at the end of the day it was his loss. But I had to dedicate “No scrubs” by TLC to him live on radio. I sent a shout out to him for the whole country to know that he was a scrub.” – Anonymous (27) Uitenhage

“I lied and said I was pregnant for three months”

“We were so inseparable that everyone thought nothing would ever break us apart. I still remember the day he broke up with me as if it was yesterday. I was at his place, and he told me we were not working anymore. I asked for the reason, and he gave me that famous, ‘It’s not you it’s me,’ line. I was so heartbroken that after a month I went back to him and said I was pregnant. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted him to feel the pain he had caused me. Instead he was happy that he was going to be a father and accepted the responsibility that came with it. But after three months I told him I had been faking the pregnancy because I felt guilty for lying to him.” – Anonymous (26), Cape Town

Image: Onele Liwani

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