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Meet Moscows_GALS: Music my Bread and Butter

by: Contributor - 26 November 2014


Written by Lerato Ntsooa
Photography by Thabiso Molatlhwa

I had the opportunity to sit down with the talented Nkosana Ntsomishe (a.k.a Moscows_GALS). You may not know his name yet but trust me when I say you should be on the lookout for this young up and comer, he is going to take the music industry by surprise.

Moscows_GALS is a Vaal based emerging artist that is very passionate about music and the process of making it. His love for music, coupled with his immense talent, is what has kept him going. He encountered financial problems during his second year at Soul Candi Music School but he was not discouraged by this, instead he was motivated and had a stronger drive to pursue his music career.

After having to drop out of college he decided to write songs for a number of established artists (which he chose not to disclose) that are already in the music industry to acquire funds to finish his studies.

I started writing songs for artists in the industry to generate income so that I can finish my studies and pursue my music career” he explains.

There is little doubt that Moscow is talented, not only does he write songs but  he can sing and rap as well. His first single “Done Waiting”, which dropped earlier in the year and is a dedication to his late mother,  has done exceptionally well and has garnered him a huge fan base in the Vaal where he is originally from. He recently discovered that his song is also getting a lot of love in Bloemfontein, he was contacted by one of the local radio station through social media and was asked to be interviewed on one of their most popular shows.

“I was humbled by the love I got from Bloem, because I write songs to touch people’s souls and [the fact that] people [are] actually acknowledging my music is very humbling” he says with a smile.

I notice that Moscow keeps looks down when he answers my questions, a clear indication of his humility. He seems to be a down to earth guy, even though he knows his career in the music business will flourish.

“I try to stay grounded even though I am currently working with these big names, I know who I am and where I am from and I really hope the industry doesn’t change me” Moscow says.

I try to get Moscow to name drop at least one of these big artists he’s been working with, he chuckles.

“I don’t want to mention the artists I am working with, because I do not want to be known for working with Dj Qness for example, I am my own brand and would like to be recognized for my talent not for who I worked with” he explains.


So you’ve been working with DJ Qness?

“No it is an example, just keep in the lookout for my music and soon you’ll find out who I have been working with” he passionately says.

As we both go into deep chuckles, I soon realize that Moscow is really passionate about his music and is determined to put his home town Vaal on the map because he feels there is a lot of  undiscovered talent coming from there.

“People from the Vaal are very talented, but they not getting enough recognition and I want to change that by putting my home town on the map” he says with a serious expression.

The chat we had was very inspiring, he is living proof that no matter what obstacles there are in front of you and no matter what you’re going through in life, if you’re passionate about something and you pursue it you can actually achieve it. I had a chance to listen to a few of his songs and it is official, Moscow_GALS is going to change the world with his music.

Follow him on Twitter and  Instagram at @MOSCOWS_GALS_ and moscows_gals_ while you’re at it follow me as well @Ntsooa101