Meet the Durban illustrator who created a colouring book to help adults de-stress

by: Keneiloe Nkomo - 22 September 2016


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For graphic designer and illustrator Sinomonde Ngwane, colouring books have always been a fascination.

Now, the 21-year-old Durban-based creative, has taken her love for the art and created a colouring book for adults that uses colour therapy as a tool to help people who are stressed.

There are therapeutic properties to using colouring books

Sinomonde says her idea really took off when she found someone to collaborate with, co-author Jodie Golding.

“The idea of creating and designing a colouring book grew with me and became my passion. But not until I was discovered by another person, Jodie, who was willing to collaborate with me, that it really took off”.

Sinomonde first became aware of the therapeutic properties of colouring books when she was a little girl. She says it gave her a positive feeling that she still gets today when she goes through one. When she did some research on the topic, it confirmed what she already knew, that colouring books help one to de-stress.

“In an age where we are so obsessed with cellphones and computers, colouring helps us to take a break and go back to the basics,” she says.

The book, titled Reasons to Smile, is filled with illustrations of things that aim to make the reader happy and help to relieve their stress and anxiety.

She another reason for starting the book range was to grow her own business and to make her work stand out from that of other illustrators and graphic designers, “I was tired of admiring colouring books from other countries online, I wanted to have my own”.

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Colourful future ahead for this illustrator

Sinomonde hopes to be involved in collaborative projects with other creatives. She also wants to continue creating a sustainable business that will see her releasing a large collection of colouring books that would be available in book stores.

“I would like to establish a creative space that will be open to the public, a place where everyone can colour, socialize and share knowledge”.

To find out more about Reasons to Smile or to place your order visit or follow her on twitter @sino_rachel