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by: Shani Rhoda - 24 January 2014

Mishka Patel Western Cape

The official start of the journey to Miss South Africa is set to take place this Sunday, 26 January, on Mzansi Magic (DSTV Channel 161) at 17:30. The Road to Miss SA is the official show following the progress of the finalists of the annual beauty pageant. The show will continue on their path until a decision regarding the Top 12 is made on 12 February.

Mishka Patel, a Top 33 finalist, invites us into her world of beauty and brains. This 21-year-old Western Cape resident is a typical girly-girl with a twist. Her forms of exercise include not only shopping, but she considers gym and outdoor activities a hobby too. Her home town, Stellenbosch, provides the perfect atmosphere for those who wish to remain active.


South Africa, she claims, has the potential to impress the world in many aspects. She suggests that those living in the country should boast more about its diverse culture. She also singles out the country’s unique wildlife and the many adventures its nature promotes. As a registered voter, the upcoming elections is an event she takes seriously. She sees it as an opportunity for individuals to express their pride in their country. She emphasizes the need for the youth to inform and educate themselves on the country’s political activities and implement their views on election day.

As an active contributor within her local community, she can often be found helping out at the Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch as well as a night shelter in Cloetesville, Stellenbosch. She wishes to expand her volunteer work to include services that focus on the youth. This promising individual has an attitude that many young people can learn from. She shares her beliefs, saying: “I believe we can make the biggest change in this world if we all work together and help others where and IF we can”.


She urges the youth to follow their dreams, saying: “Life is the biggest stage. If you work hard, nothing is impossible”. Her life is inspirational proof of her advice as she decided to follow her own dreams to the Miss SA platform through which she hopes to become an inspirational figure and to present positive changes in her community.

She recommends the Miss South Africa pageant as a platform for anyone wanting to become an official ambassador for the country. For those wishing to influence their country in a more subtle way, she urges individuals to follow The Road to Miss South Africa in order to awaken their potential.