Le coq sportif F/W 2017 collection is revealed

by: Tshepo Mosokotso - 2 March 2017



Last night Le coq sportif revealed it’s latest collection at the Tin Factory in Sandton. I got there late because of the traffic, so I missed the presentation but I got a glimpse of the collection when it was being packed away. What I can confirm is that the brand still shows pride in its identity and its many years of savoir-faire by producing high-quality collections with fitted cuts, in premium materials, dyed with unique, luminous colours.

L Sport 1 L Sport 2

Athleisure is the order of the day for the brand. With its strong French identity, one can wear the apparel in different settings like work, casual or social occasions. With a strong celebration of French sports, this collection features easy and cool sporty items in blue, white and red. One of the items that kind of put me off is one of the jumpers with a huge Le coq sportif logo, I just believe the craftsmanship should really speak for the brand not necessarily a huge logo on your chest. But that’s just my two cents worth, each to their own.

L Sport 3

The rest of the items, I really want to own. It’s a relaxed collection, it’s clean, minimal and totes fabuleux (Fabulous in French). It’s a skillful play with the concept of combining three colours and has elevated the brands modern expression to greater fashionable and street style savvy heights.


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