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Some of the trendy young people at Kanye West’s Pablo pop-up store in Cape Town

by: Siyanda Mbuzo - 22 August 2016

Kanye West pop up_August  2016_©NombusoBhogolo-4Kanye West’s Life of Pablo pop-up store in Cape Town, the first ever in Africa, drew lots of fans. Some of whom had been queuing as early as 6am on the store’s first day on Friday. Although there wasn’t much variety, just T-shirts, caps and jackets, many seemed happy just to buy whatever was there. Here’s what some of them had to say about the experience.

Karl Cole (29)

“I came to see the store out here, hopefully to buy some T-shirts. I’m amped about the whole vibe. I’ve seen it a few times online, and this is the first time it’s in Cape Town, that’s what I’m amped about.”


Kira Cole (18)

©Nombuso Bhogolo-13  Kayra Cole copy

Image: Nombuso Bhogolo

“I looove Kanye West. Well I like his clothes more than I like him so I just want to get whatever I can.”


Danell Moodie (21)

©Nombuso Bhogolo-17 Darnell and Monae copy

Danell Moodie and Monae Carter. (Image: Nombuso Bhogolo)

“Here in the Mother City to buy a Pablo jacket. Hopefully I see the Kardashians or Kanye West.”


Monae Carter (21)

“I’m here to buy the Pablo jacket, and I’m obviously a big fan of Kanye. I highly doubt he’s here, but if he is, that would be amazing.”


Chiv Maharaj (18)

Image: Nombuso Bhogolo

Chiv and Mikhayla Maharaj (Image: Nombuso Bhogolo)

“I come from Durban, and we don’t have opportunities like this. Kanye is one of the most influential people in the world. I hope that he is coming down and that there’s gonna be a concert, cause who knows, this could be a hint. I felt the vibe for Pablo and I wanted to be part of the crowd. He chose us, he chose Cape Town.”


Mikhayla Maharaj

“I’m just really into Kanye’s music and his style and swag. That’s why I’m here. The people here are excited, and that makes me excited. I bought a long sleeve shirt.”


Chanel Harris (22)

©Nombuso Bhogolo-42.Chanel

“I love, love, love Kanye. I’m a bit obsessed really, and it’s like a once in a lifetime kind of experience. It’s like when are you ever gonna get a chance again to buy Pablo merch?”


Tinashe Sibeko (20)

©Nombuso Bhogolo-63 Tinashe copy

Image: Nombuso Bhogolo

“I came to the Pablo store to buy all this merch. You always see this kind of stuff on social media, all this new fashion. Kanye is a big trendsetter in fashion, so seeing this stuff and being able to purchase it yourself is really cool. The fact that he made it at such a reachable price so we could save up and purchase is really exciting.”


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Kanye West pop up_August  2016_©NombusoBhogolo-1

The queue to the shop. (Image: Nombuso Bhogolo)

Kanye West pop up_August  2016_©NombusoBhogolo-6 (1)

The entrance to the shop. (Image: Nombuso Bhogolo)

Kanye West pop up_August  2016_©NombusoBhogolo-8

Only 10 people were allowed into the shop at a time. (Image: Nombuso Bhogolo)



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