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“I want to hoe a bit” and other reasons for being single

by: Geraldine Amoko - 1 December 2016

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Not everyone wants to be in a relationship. Some people just want to spend their 20s doing other things, whether it be focusing on their careers, hoeing around or exploring their sexuality. Here are a few peeps on why they choose to be single:

“I want to hoe a bit”

“I don’t want to commit. I wanna have fun and hoe a bit, basically. I think I’m very blunt, so from the get go, whoever I’m with, we will establish what the relationship is. No catching feelings. It’s just sex. You fall, you leave. Done.”
– Sanchia Davids (23)

“Monogamy isn’t natural”

“To be honest, I’m single because I believe monogamy isn’t natural. Well, at least at this stage of my life. So I don’t want to be in a committed relationship that will hurt the other person knowing that I’m not fully committed in the monogamous manner they’d want me to be.”
– Gugu Potwana (22)

“The Lord hasn’t brought them to me yet”

“My source is from the word of God. It’s Adam who recognised his wife as his. It wasn’t Eve who said, ‘Hi, I’m bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh.’ As an Eve, I don’t go after a man. It’s the man who is supposed to go after the woman. I want God to write my love story, so I’m like, ‘Lord, have your way.’”
– Natasha Magola (23)

“My sexuality was in question”

“My main reason for staying single is because I felt such uncertainty about myself. I spent my first-year trying to get to know myself better and I came to the realisation that I wasn’t entirely straight; I identify as bisexual. I believe that I’ll eventually find the right person, regardless of their gender or race, but right now I’m in no rush to find him or her.”
– Masechaba Bekebeke (20)

“My mind belongs to the grind”

“I’m working on my career, and that is the main priority. Relationships are consuming, and I don’t have space in my life for that. I have also not found a person I’m willing to tolerate, and I have too much going on in my life. This human being would have to be extraordinarily different.”
– Bathandwa Batee (25)

Photography: Aseza Pupuma

*None of the subjects’ photos were taken. 

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