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How to nail that faded Kim K family photo filter

by: Gabriela Mc Gowan - 22 March 2017

Kim Kardashian’s return to the interwebs in January, after being involved in an armed robbery in her Paris hotel suite last October, came with a retro filter that we are all dying to recreate on our own pages.

The pictures displayed her, Kanye and their two bambinos, North and Saint in a seemingly middle class home, casually dressed, just living normal lives (which I’m certain they both know nothing about) but ja, it was dope, the whole of Instagram knows it and would like to  do the faded filter too, I know I do.

For some clarity on recreating the faded filter from her snaps, we asked our in-house photographer Siyabonga Mkhasibe how to hack the look. Here’s what he suggested.

Step One: (Optional)

Take a Polaroid photo. This creates the faded effect.

Step Two:

Open the photo editing app VSCO and take a picture of your Polaroid.

Step Three: (Start here if editing an image from your gallery)

Use the filter HB2.

Step Four:

Increase or decrease the contrast so the black is more pronounced.

Step Five:

Increase the ‘grain’ and ‘fade’ to give the vintage feel.

Step Six:

Using the ‘shadows’, overlay blue, red, or green, and adjust intensity.

And there you have it! Try it out yourselves and share your snaps using the hashtag #KimKFadedFilter . Don’t forget to tag/mention us @LiveMagSA

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Photography: Siyabonga Mkhasibe

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