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How much do you really know about abortion?

by: Gabriela Mc Gowan - 23 May 2017

Khensani on hospital bed

We went out on the streets to speak to young people and determine how much they actually know about abortion and the options a young woman has if she fell pregnant and decided not to keep the baby.

Mostly illegal posters and pamphlets titled ABORTION are plastered all over the Johannesburg CBD and other major cities. There is too much dangerous misinformation around sexual health and abortions – and a great need for the right information to be disseminated so that young people are less at risk.

We see the consequences of relying on illegal providers for the termination of a pregnancy in episode 9 of #MTVShugaDS when Khensani decides to go ahead and have an abortion after the 20 week period. She is eventually rushed to the hospital due to complications following the botched procedure and rendered infertile and can no longer conceive.

We posed 5 questions to the group of people we interviewed and here’s what they said versus the facts.


If you or anybody you know would like to consult someone on abortion you can contact Marie Stopes.

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