FAKA releases the music video for Queenie and it is nothing short of godly

by: Moroetsana Serame - 21 September 2018

FAKA releases the music video for Queenie and it is nothing short of godly

Moroetsana Serame unpacks the music video

The opening sequence of the video starts out with a glass cabinet of framed photographs of legendary mothers Desire Marea and Fela Gucci adorned by fine pieces of china. The kind that all our grandmothers have that are only reserved for the head pastor of the local church and the most esteemed of guests. These images are contrasted by the stories being narrated about coming out and exploring sexuality in the context of family units. “I came home and I was like ‘Ma ngicel’ uk’buza, mina ngi’st*b*ne?’ And I knew by the manner in which it was said that it was something wrong…I never really was given the luxury of discovering my sexuality,” said the opening sequence voice-over.

The video directed and produced by Jabu Nadia Newman and Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose is shot in a school hall. Desire and Fela fill up the space with fierce vogueing as they dance around the chairs that are set-up in a circle.

This is incredibly iconic because many queer-identifying people confront their identities in a school. To have Fela and Desire vogueing in a predominantly homophobic and transphobic space is affirmingly disruptive. The medals, trophies, champagne, and confetti at the end of the scene are also important reminders that happiness, success and joy are things that we deserve in every space we exist in as queer people. Affirming that we, LGBTQIA++, are more than just our trauma.



The stunning visuals are an ode to queer culture in the 80’s and 90’s. Influenced by protagonists like Pepper Labeija in Paris is Burning and other safe spaces that the LGBTQIA++ community have created for themselves.

The video manages to unpack the complexities of relationships in the LGBTQIA++ community and their intersections with hetero-identifying people.

“Listening to your story made me remember my own and I thank you for that,” said the closing sequence voice-over and I couldn’t have put it better myself.