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DooWap talks DJing and Deals

DooWap talks DJing and Deals

by: Cole Ndelu - 15 September 2017

From her music to her fashion style, everything about Khetsiwe Morgan is complex and eclectic.

With her luminous neon braids and the triangle tattoo placed squarely at the center of her face, Khetsiwe who is commonly known as DJ DooWap defies the very concept of ordinary.

This is evident with her music which draws inspiration from trap, future bass, electronica, and gqom.

“I’m trying to take people on a sonic journey and I’m trying to get people to hear to sounds they’ve never heard before,”

Her current fave at the moment is IAMDDB and the song is called Shade.

“She’s singing that trap vibe but she’s a woman. She’s even singing about having a girl with no panties… I don’t know – it’s hood but it’s a woman doing it and she’s owning it and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It’s strong and powerful; there’s something about it and the beat is a heavy base.”

Her musical taste and desire for her craft is closely linked to the Afrofuturism movement which also champions liberation and placing people of colour at the center of their own stories.

The freedom that she exudes is the same freedom that she wants for South African music as a whole.

“Imagine now if every artist spoke their mother tongue, in vernacular – big ups to Sho Majozi. That’s an undeniable artist – someone who’s speaking from their authentic, true, identity. If more people could do that… that’s what I want. But I really feel like Gqom is that, Gqom is the producers speaking from the soul. It can’t be duplicated overseas. That what I want – music that is so true to us that you can’t copy it overseas,” she says

The DJ started who started her career on YFM has steadily been on the come up, she was recently featured in a Nike campaign.

“Everything’s great, to be honest ever since the Nike campaign dropped everything is just triple time. It was kind of like a certified vibe because if Nike is bringing you up like they did… They even gave me the chance to style a mannequin, it was so incredible – they even put me on the front window. It just showed me how much they support the femme energy vibe that’s growing so rapidly.

These days she can be found on R1WRadio where she hosts her own radio show called Basspiration or the television show Tastemakers on SABC 1.

You can also catch Doowap flex her femme energy on the 16th September at the Fak’ugesi Bloc Party, where she will be serving up soul, self, and base.

“I’m excited about Fak’ugesi because it’s gonna be music people have never heard before and that’s the whole vibe. Play music that people can open themselves to. My thing is just playing from the soul and making sure it’s a good song,” she concludes.

Listen to her mix here: