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Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2017 in pictures: YoungstaCPT, Zaki Ibrahim, Moonchild and more

by: Onele Liwani - 14 February 2017

Last weekend the 6th annual Cape Town Electronic Music Festival was held at Cape Town’s City Hall. I attended two days of the 3-day festival. This was my third time at CTEMF, and this year’s was the littest I have experienced. With acts such as Stab Virus, Zaki Ibrahim, YoungstaCPT and Dilo Xclusiv, among others, I found myself having to catch my breath in between performances.

Here are some visuals from the event.

The artists 

CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-15

Stab Virus. (Image: Onele Liwani)

CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-13

YoungstaCPT (Image: Onele Liwani)


CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-18

Push Push. (Image: Onele Liwani)

CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-23

Blank Mazimela. (Image: Onele Liwani)

CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-31

Zaki Ibrahim. (Image: Onele Liwani)


CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-27

Moonchild. (Image: Onele Liwani)

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The fans

CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-16CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-22CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-21CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-24 CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-36 CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-34 CTEMF_Feb 2017_©oneleliwani-38



Photography and videography by Onele Liwani

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