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Champagne 69 for the pain

Champagne 69 for the pain

by: Sandile Ngwenya - 19 October 2017

Champagne69 is probably the coolest thing to happen to South African Hip-hop this year. The duo from Midrand, whose real names are Siyanda ‘Siyangena69’ Mdledle and William ‘Willestilios’ Nkuna have been causing mass hysteria everywhere they go, from concerts to street culture festivals.

”We are just two creative black guys hustling, bringing the wave to the youth,” says one half of the trap duo, William.

They came into the hip-hop scene in 2016 with the song Booty Sweat, which they recorded on the same night as their second single Wrong One, which features Patrickxxlee, an upcoming rapper and close friend of theirs.

‘’The idea of Booty Sweat was to make a joke because we were considered ‘’Braam Kids’’ because of how we dressed and how different we were, and we’re always in Braamfontein’’ says Siyanda.

They received a lot of recognition and attention at first try and decided to continue with their new found love for rapping.

They have come out with another banger, their new single is called Say Sum’n featuring the Skhanda Queen herself Nomuzi Mabena

The duo’s sound is quite different from the current S.A hip-hop sound.

“Our music touches emotions that the youth can relate to, that is why our performances are always a jump! We are trying to inspire and spark ideas within the youth while creating a rockstar experience at events and venues we perform at.”

Their performances are a once in a lifetime, wild, champagne shower filled experience. “Champagne is known as a drink that represents success and good times, hence the name Champagne69,” says Siyanda.

Social media has been a powerful platform for the duo. “Growing up at a time where online platforms are a big thing, we decided to use that opportunity to our advantage, and within a matter of months people caught on.’’

Before kicking off their accidental rap career, the duo studied visual arts and 3D at Lisof. They were also part of Onyx Group 6, a creative agency and events production organisation that is working to promote Johannesburg’s street culture.

Their strong aesthetics focus was clear in their music videos. Their last video Champain already has 9 000 views on YouTube, while Wrong One has over 20 000 views. It is clear the group is swiftly gaining popularity amongst the youth.

“We aim to open up minds to new ideas and concepts, we want to inspire the youth and let them appreciate what they are good at,” says William.

“The hip-hop industry in S.A needs to open doors to more young rappers especially the internet kids because that’s where a lot of talent is, we want to introduce a new sound a new wave to what is currently available to the consumer of hip-hop music.” adds Siyanda

Listen to Say Sum’n here