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This is why Cassper Nyovest uses R10 notes on the video for “Tito Mboweni”

by: Sabelo Mkhabela - 2 May 2017

Nyovest Tito Mboweni

On the video for “Tito Mboweni”, his latest single, Cassper Nyovest flosses with 10 bucks notes – a part of the video a reasonable number of fans laughed off. For a guy who has “a Bentley and a Bentley”, you’d expect at least R100 notes, right?

Well, according to Cassper Nyovest’s manager, T-Lee Moiloa, it was all planned. “You may see a song come out when it’s something that we exactly expected,” he said speaking at the Hip Hop Summit at Back To The City festival last week. “You may see a song [on which] we put 10 Rand notes on the video, and people will [ask], ‘Why don’t you put 200 Rand notes’? But he (Cassper) told me, ‘This is going to be the talking point.’”

T-Lee went on to say that Nyovest and his team plan almost all the factors that will have fans talking upon the release of a song. “A lot of the things we do are very deliberate,” he continued. “Some of them, deliberate to shake up the tree, to speak about certain things. We hardly ever do things to piss people off, it’s always to create talkability (sic), and we’ve managed to do that for the past four years.”

T-Lee said that Cassper Nyovest was the first artist he’s ever managed, and that the rapper himself is as much in charge of the Cassper Nyovest brand as his team is.

He also dropped jewels about the music industry that many artists who were in attendance will definitely benefit from.

Cassper Nyovest, on the same night, performed the single during his set towards the end of the festival. Before making everyone chant “sha sha” and rap word for word, he had something to say to his haters: “All of you, thank you so much for showing us love. All these niggas talking shit, calling our songs trash, we still got the biggest song in the country, motherfucker.”

Cassper’s third album Thuto is out on May 7. He has been saying it’s his best album-to-date (but then again what artist doesn’t say that?). Revisit the video for “Tito Mboweni” here, and pre-order Thuto on iTunes here.