9 signs you’re going through a quarter-life crisis

by: Abigail Javier - 17 December 2015




So you’ve just hit 25 during the same year that Adele came out of hiding to release her album, 25. Great. But suddenly a milestone meant to celebrate your growth feels like a funeral and is making you uncertain about absolutely everything.

You’re probably just going through a quarter-life crisis. And here are signs to prove it.

1. You spend weekends attending weddings and baby showers

… where guests persistently ask when you and your couldn’t-attend-the-wedding-because-he’s-out-of town-but-is-really-just-a-made-up boyfriend, Tom (which is actually your cat’s name) will be tying the knot.

2. You are trying and failing to find your life’s purpose

Nothing like wanting to travel and realising that you can’t afford it. So, no Eat, Pray, Love trips for you, which results in you wallowing in jealousy and depression as you scroll through your friends’ Instagram pictures.

3. You’d rather stay at home than go out

Because, let’s face it. Chilling on a comfy couch in your pajamas is so much better than spending your energy in perfecting make-up that you’ll remove later and getting hit on by creepy men you’ve tried avoiding at the clubs.

4. You’re contemplating quitting your job to follow your dreams

You’ve even thought of going back to university, but can’t stand the idea of being around fresh-out-of-high school 19-year-olds who think they (and probably are) smarter than you.

5. You hate reading articles like “20 things to do before you’re 25”

Because you haven’t done half the things they’ve mentioned, which ends up making you feel unaccomplished. So in retaliation you block everyone on Facebook who shares it with you.

6. You just can’t fit in

Your failure to understand slang such as “baddie” or “cava the combo” makes your younger colleagues wonder whether you’ve been living under a rock. Yet your older peers and their talk of taxes and investments make you feel you’re not adult enough to be thinking about all that.

7. You become overtly nostalgic about your younger days

Your internet browser history consists of everything 90s and how that period will forever be the best.

8. You can count the number of close friends you have on two hands

This list consists of Mom and Dad – which you realise is not really a bad thing especially since you appreciate them more now that you’re older.

9. You’re constantly comparing yourself to peers

But then realise that life isn’t a race, and that each and every person has a different path to happiness. But life’s uncertain, so gradually you stop panicking so much about your destiny and allow life take you where it needs to. Inevitably, leading you on the path to recovery from your quarter-life crisis. We hope.


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