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7 Things you didn’t know about Internet TV

by: Gabriela Mc Gowan - 15 March 2017


If you’ve grown tired of the current viewing options, which frankly are limited, expensive and repetitive, Internet TV is an option you should be exploring. The service allows online streaming of hundreds of shows and series via smart TV’s and electronic devices such as tablets and cellphones.

Here are seven reasons you should consider going the Internet TV route.

1. Watch it any and everywhere, even in the loo

The digital world has made consuming information so easy. You can now watch TV when and where you prefer. Internet TV takes this a step further by allowing you to watch your favourite movies and series wherever the hell you’d like to. Heck, who needs a newspaper in the loo anymore, when you can watch everything from breaking news to series on your tablet or cellphone?


2. Cancel at anytime (for those of you with commitment issues)

Millennials don’t like being bogged down by long-term commitments, especially of the contractual kind. The great thing about Internet TV is that you can cancel at anytime. So if you would rather buy a pair of shoes next month than pay for your monthly subscription, then you wouldn’t have to because they run on a month-to-month basis.


3. Way more options than the cinema (because movie dates can be disappointing)

Ever been to the cinema with bae and you have to pay to watch something that you both don’t agree on out of a selection of seven movies? Well, internet TV has an array of thousands of movies. With more options, everyone involved can walk away from the experience happier because they got to see what they wanted.


4. You can download and watch offline (because data costs in SA are ridiculous)

Another cool fact about Internet TV is that you don’t always have to live stream your favourite shows. You can actually download the episode (at a coffee shop with free WIFI ;)) and watch it at a later stage.


5. Uninterrupted entertainment (because who likes commercials?)

Commercials burst onto your TV screen in the middle of the juiciest, spiciest part of a series, so you use that as an opportunity to do something else but by the time you get back the show is back on and you’ve completely missed the scene. Never again would you have to concern yourself with interruptions because there are no adverts with internet TV.


6. Content for The Woke, The Superficial, The Nostalgic and The Kids

Content on Internet TV varies from doccies, series, retro, and cartoons so that you can stay in the know, relish over the unattainable lifestyles reflected in reality TV series, end up watching shows you loved as a kid, you might just get hooked to the cartoons too … we won’t judge you.


7. No repeats, over and over and over again… Unless you intentionally want to see a repeat

TV is infamous for repeating the same old movies and series over and over again, which can be very disappointing especially when the subscription can burn a hole in your budget. With Internet TV, there are literally hundreds of shows to choose from so you never have to be stuck watching repeats… unless you really want to see it one more time.


In South Africa, one of the internet options worth checking out is Showmax, which has everything from all seasons of Game of Thrones to Ubizo and Running with the Reps. Get your 14-day free trial at


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