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7 apps you need on your phone this December

by: Natasha Ndlebe - 15 December 2015


With more than a million apps on Android and Apple, there’s an app for almost everything. Here are few free apps, available on Android and iOS that we thought would make your December even better.


For Foodies: Allthecooks Recipes

Some people prefer being couch potatoes in December, while some like to cook up a storm. If you’re the latter, then this app is for you. Simply type in what ingredients you have left in the house and the app will send back recipes that match your ingredients. It doesn’t get easier – and cheaper – than that.




snapp-cab-app.For when you’re turnt: SnappCab

It’s like a local version of Uber, which means you can party-hop and drink with little worry. No more relying on the friend with a ride but no sense to not drink. Download the app, get a car sent to your pickup location and an SMS will be sent when it arrives. The money gets deducted from your account, no need for cash.




For women only: Period Tracker

Partying and periods don’t mix. Period Tracker lets you know when your period is coming and how many days are left before your next one. It’s especially worthwhile for women who have an unpredictable flow. With features such as showing what mood you might be in and symptoms you might experience, the app is also fun and easy to use.


flush-public-toilet-finder.For when nature calls: Flush – Public Toilet Finder

No doubt you’ll be out and about, sometimes into the early hours of the morning. There might not be a 24-hour McDonalds to sneak into for a restroom. This app solves your problem by doing exactly what its name claims by showing you where the nearest public toilet is, using Google Maps for directions. I tried it in Braamfontein and it gave me three within 10 minutes of where I was sitting.


aillis-app.For the selfie conscious: Aillis

Selfies at a club or dim bar are the worst. Aillis is a photo app that lets you brighten shadowy photos and change your pictures into any size or colour. You can use the live filter to fine-tune your images. With more than a million downloads, it sure is a must-download before December ends.




kakaoTalk-LogoFor the socialites: KakaoTalk


If you’re like me and you find the sound of your own voice annoying at times, then this app is for you. You simply record a voice note and that chooses a funny character for the selection on offer and, there you go, now you can sound like someone else. Besides that, you can create a group chat, add unlimited friends and group call a few of your friends using the app without being charged nor the connection being weak.


Mirrativ-app-logo.For the budding Kardashian: Mirrativ


These holidays are going to be so much fun – but what does it matter if no one sees it? Mirrativ lets you livestream anything that you’re doing on your phone – whether it’s playing a game, taking a selfie or chatting to your friends – to other people. But get this, you don’t need any external converters. You just simply download and register and it does all the work for you.


What are your favourite apps this December? Let us know in the comments section and on Facebook and Twitter.


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Holding image: Kyle Kheswa