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Catching up with Kwesta at #LYFE

Catching up with Kwesta at #LYFE

by: Mamaputle Boikanyo - 22 June 2018

Tshituku Ndadza caught up with Kwesta to talk about everything from the LYFE event to his music video being shown at the prestigious Para-Site Art Gallery

On 16 June 2018, YFM brought Youth Day to #LYFE with today’s most pioneering, influential and talented artists in South Africa. A string of performers kept the audience dancing and singing from noon ‘til the am with music that was nothing short of entertaining at Newtown’s Old Park Station.

Backstage, Tshituku Ndadza caught up with Kwesta to talk about everything from the event to his music video being shown at the prestigious Para-Site Art Gallery. Here is what he had to say:

Tshituku: What does it mean to be part of this event?

Kwesta: “I love [this event]. I love what it represents. It represents the South African youth and it is also for ‘Lyfe’… we need to celebrate that [the youth and life], that’s our duty, that’s our job now. We know the history of 1976 so our job is to take it further. Gigs like this promote that so I’m always for that.”

Tshituku: What is the one thing you want the youth to learn from you?

Kwesta:That I’m okay with who I am…my beliefs and everything don’t change because of the things I see in an industry. I keep my beliefs the same. I still drink beer to this day, I still go to the hood this day, I’ve never been part of the club of champagnes and everything like that – so just being you. Just make sure that whoever you are you don’t lose yourself to any industry. If they can take that from me then I didn’t do too bad a job.

Tshituku: So the “Spirit” video is being shown at the prestigious Para-Site Art Gallery in Hong Kong. How do you feel about that?

Kwesta: It’s dope it’s amazing! I wanted to tell the story of a young black South African who grew up elokshin, who understands even the visuals that we chose to use. Everybody knows those things so it’s a reminder of what it is to be South African. To have that be shown in an art gallery of that nature in another country then that means South Africa was well represented from a short video of like 3 or so minutes. I wanted it to represent the South African, and clearly the people from Hong Kong think it represents the South African and I’m glad to have been the guy that did that.

Tshituku: What are some of your highlights so far this year?

Kwesta: The World Cup– I’m kidding (laughs)… a lot has happened, there was an award show i lost i was nominated for. That was a big highlight because that motivates me, it’s what keeps me going. A friend of mine my brother Kid X is about to drop his album, just dropped his new single which really that was a big highlight for me. I don’t know man, it’s daily things you know. I wake up and my daughter is next to me. These things are highlights. We could spend an entire day and talk about the things that have been great to me, but I don’t have one specific thing that has been better than the other.

Tshituku: What kinds of things should we expect from you from here onwards?

Kwesta: I only ever promised music so, a lot of music, a lot of good music a lot of new music. I’m gonna change stuff. What I do with my music, I try and challenge myself and kind of switch, not follow a wave or anything like that. So I’m tryna find that, so as soon as I find that expect a whole lot of music, but I’m dropping something in the next few weeks…

Tshituku: Looking forward to that!

Kwesta: So am I (laughs)

Tshituku: Thank you,

Kwesta: Thank you very much.