Get Fast Tracked To EOH Learnerships

by: Gugu Kheswa - 10 November 2015

Get Fast Tracked To EOH Learnerships

EOH is one of South Africa’s largest employment outsourcing organisations, with more than 200 000 learnerships and potential employment opportunities every year. As one of our partners, EOH will give priority preference to Digify Bytes participants who apply for some of their entry level jobs and learnerships.  All you have to do is complete one of our sessions and you automatically qualify.  Although this doesn’t guarantee you a job, your application will be considered ahead of other applicants and strengthens your chances for selection.

Applications and job postings are hosted on EOH’s digital job portal, To apply for a learnership with your Digify Bytes certificate, follow these directions and let your digital skills work for you.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Log on to and create a new account if you haven’t already. Select “Register Here” and enter your personal details and complete your account registration. You should receive an email notification confirming your new account logins.

2. Add your address details at Step 2 of the registration process.

3. Add your qualification details at Step 3 of the registration process

4. Update your employment history at Step 4 of the registration process.

5. Congratulations! You now have a user account. You can now log back into the portal with your new login details and apply for Digify Bytes related positions.

6. Log onto with your login details and scroll down the page to select ” Livity / Digify Interns Only” and select “View Details / Apply”.

7. Scroll down the Vacancy Application page and fill out a brief motivation explaining why you are suited for the vacancy, and then click “Apply”.

8. Your application has now been submitted for processing.

These opportunities are available exclusively to certified Digify Bytes attendees, so make sure you sign up for Digify Bytes workshops today so you too can be a part of the Digify Bytes revolution!